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  • The Perfect Safari Hat
  • The Truth about the Wildebeest Migration
    The photos and descriptions of East Africa’s Wildebeest Migration are probably not what you will witness. Read this post to learn why, and how to plan for the best chance of seeing the migration.
  • Essentials Not found on any safari packing list (except mine)
    Looking for alternatives to spraying deet all over your body to ward off mosquitoes, and taking anti-biotics for Montezuma’s revenge while on safari. This post has natural remedies for your safari packing kit.
  • Kenya Safari Ideas
    Kenya is a big country with many wonderful parks and activities for your safari. This post highlights some of the best of what Kenya has to offer.
  • Magical Botswana
  • Hiking with Chimpanzees
    Wonder if you’re fit enough to hike to see wild chimps or gorillas? This post will tell you what it takes.
  • Wildlife and Bird Books to take on your Africa Safari