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If you make a list of all the ways you want to help the planet, how long will your list be?


Global warming, poaching, species extinction, habitat loss, animal abuse, factory farming, the list of things we want to change is long.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And when we are overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel stuck. That means we end up doing nothing.


But, now more than ever, the planet needs you, me and every one of us. The changes we want for the planet will not happen without each of us doing our part.


So how can we defeat feeling overwhelmed, stuck and powerless? How can we stay inspired?


First, remember that saving the planet isn’t easy! We want it to be, but it isn’t. If we are unrealistic with our expectations for change, we often end up feeling disappointed.


Second, follow, listen to and learn from people like the heroes in my books, Saving Wild, and Wild Lives.  These are people who never give up. Adopt them as mentors.


Third, focus on the positive. Remind yourself that change is possible by celebrating what has been achieved.

But most important of all, begin. Anywhere. Then, keep going. And, never give up!  The planet needs you!


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