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Although we here at SavingWild.com celebrate and work towards protecting animals every day of the year, designating a wildlife day for one species, or a group of animals – as in Endangered Species Day or International Primate Day – has become popular. It’s a day to focus your efforts, collaborate with others who share your love for a particular species, and for the animal to get extra worldwide attention on the plight of their species.


What does it take to start a day in honor of a species? Sometimes the celebrated day is a social media event started by a passionate individual like yourself. In other cases it is a more formal affair. For instance beekeepers in the USA petitioned the United States Department of Agriculture in 2009 for an official day (August 20th) for honey bees.


The list below includes the days celebrating wildlife, but not the weeks that are sometimes designated – as the third week in September for Sea Otter Awareness Week.


Although a designated day, or a week a year, for wildlife is a good thing, our goal here at SavingWild.com is for every animal to be celebrated, respected, and acknowledged as an equally important part of the ecosystem, and our lives, EVERYDAY of the year.



January 5          National Bird Day


January 31        International Zebra Day


February 27      International Polar Bear Day


March 3             World Wildlife Day   http://www.wildlifeday.org


March 14           National Learn About Butterflies Day


April 24             World Penguin Day


May 4                 Bird Day


May 13               International Bird Day


May 20               Endangered Species Day


May 23               World Turtle Day


June 21              World Giraffe Day


July 28               International Tiger Day


August 10          World Lion Day


August 12           World Elephant Day


August 13           International Wolf Day


August 20           World Honey Bee Day


August 26           Mountain Lion Day


August 27           Dog Day


September 1       International Primate Day


September 21     Rhino Day


October 1            Raccoon Appreciation Day


October 4            World Animal Day


October 23          International Snow Leopard Day


November (1st Saturday) National Bison Day


December 4        International Cheetah Day


December 4        International Wildlife Conservation Day



I hope you will let me know in the comments below of any dates I am missing on this wildlife day list.

*Featured photo by Henry Holdsworth, Wild by Nature Gallery

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  1. I’m so happy there’s a raccoon appreciation day! haha, that’s awesome. I used to raise and rehab orphaned raccoons for re-release into the mountain wilderness. Love ’em!

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