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Thrust. The word means to be suddenly pushed into a specified direction.


Imagine being physically pushed. In response many of us may think we have only three options: we fall down (give up), we move in the opposite direction (give in), or we push back against the force.


But there is another way.


What about using the momentum of the push to our advantage? How? We can view this as an opportunity, a chance to use the resulting extra energy (anger, compassion, determination) to move us to a new position.


For days I’ve been on a grueling soul searching journey – does anyone care about saving wildlife and wild places, am I making a difference, does anything even matter?


This internal inspection has led me to a place (Thank You Universe) of more strength and conviction then ever before. I have arrived at one unfaltering question: How can I, now more than ever, do the best work possible to protect wildlife and wild places? 


My answer: Get more laser focused with what works, up the ante of what I am already doing, and turn up the volume of my message.


How specifically am I doing this?


Below are some of the ways. I hope they will help you think about what you want to do with this extraordinary opportunity that we have been thrust into.


–Commit on a deeper level than ever before.

Make a commitment to yourself and others to spend more time and energy expressing your values and passions.


–Get clearer about your message.

Focus more on what works rather then waste energy on something that isn’t really hitting it out of the park in effectiveness.


–Expand your voice.

If you comment on social media, start writing more in-depth comments. If you write about issues, start talking about them more. If you talk about your passions, start attending legislative meetings to express your beliefs.


–Expand your reach.

If you are on social media, then start a blog or website. If you already have a blog, then write a book. If you have a book, set your sites on radio, or television. See how it works?


–Connect more fully and more often to your tribe.

Search out more people and groups that share your passion. Once you find them, be a fully present participant.



Did Ghandi say, “This is too overwhelming”, did John Muir say, “this is impossible”, does Jane Goodall ever say, “I give up”?




And neither should you.


We are all Ghandi, Goodall and Muir. We are all capable of extraordinary things. We just have to commit and act.


Thrust yourself foreword amazing one.



**Featured Photo: Storm Approaching Trout Lake @ LeAnn Yeates 



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19 Replies to “Extraordinary Opportunity”

  1. Thank you for this post, Lori.
    It’s helpful to have someone writing about what to do with the fear, anger, frustration, and drive to do something.
    Perhaps this is an opportunity for clarity and renewed vision and commitment.

  2. I have let too much time pass in just reading about what others are doing to improve nature and the environment. Your inspiring words will move me to take a step towards an activity that I can be passionate about. Sharon

  3. Your words are great medicine for me. I have been in a funk and could not seem to get out from under it. Thanks . This really helps.

  4. Hey Kiddo
    Sounds like you have been being hard on yourself again….

    The goal of stopping the slaughter of elephants is worthy, but unattainable, so if this is your goal, you will be
    on a grueling soul searching journey for as long as you are alive on Earth, circling the drain wondering “does anyone care about saving wildlife and wild places, am I making a difference?”

    It seems like the way you have it set up now, you will never feel like you are making a difference.
    Consider adding “Define specific, achievable goals.” Such as

    Raise ____$___for _____ organization that is fighting poachers. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE I CAN SEND MY HOLIDAY DONATION.

    Get ______ news outlet to carry an article re poaching with specific info re what readers can do.
    There are many righteous causes. People who identify with you are the ones most likely to take on your cause.

    You may be able to bring more people on by locating those very different from you with the same goals. e.g. poor blacks in another country, some Chinese, others.
    “does anything even matter?”

    Each individual—not society or religion—is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely, or “authentically”.

    Existentially, nothing has meaning intrinsically, except what meaning we give it. So, if you choose to give your efforts meaning, they will have meaning to you, and to others like you.

    Choosing to give our efforts meaning, I remain,


  5. I Lori. Beautiful and inspiring words, especially as we wind up 2016 and head into 2017 pondering our end of year contributions and plans for the future. I love your words that we ALL are Ghandis, Goodalls and Miurs if we set our hearts to it. Even making a little difference can combine with others to make huge changes, just look at the institutes, funds, conservencies and trusts that have emerged to tackle so many major issues. Thank you for speaking up, for encouraging, for believing, because I know we’re not alone in our personal passions to protect, restore, respect, be a part of and love our wild places and beings on this incredible planet. Best wishes to you and to everyone bold enough to stand up for something good.

  6. Lori, This is exactly the right perspective. And this is the lesson and the opportunity that is wrapped inside the difficult situation presented to us. I so appreciate you laying it out with such clarity and heart.
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you for these kind and inspiring words. Kindness is definitely what the world needs more of this week. I also believe that if each person can focus on what positive impact they can make, we will survive this and we can ultimately strengthen our impact.

  8. Dear Linda. I am so happy to see your heartfelt comment here. I could respond to every line you have written but I love the part where you say, “Each individual—not society or religion—is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely, or “authentically”. That is exactly why, as I continue to work with my passion, I rarely worry about whether I am making a difference. How will I ever know. I have to trust what Jane Goodall always tells me, Everyone can and does make a difference. Will poaching stop? I don’t know but I can’t not keep trying. I will be writing a post about this very idea soon and also about where to put your end of year donations and specifically how to get more involved with changing policies. Stay Tuned!

  9. Lori, thank you for your great suggestions and inspiration! At this point it seems to me that we all have to make our voices heard and at least let the world know that we exist. I know that one voice, one person makes a difference, I have seen it so many times! Even the smallest every day choices make a difference one way or the other! So what else is possible in this crazy world of ours?

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