You’re passionate about wildlife, right? 

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about this one simple thing about your Halloween candy purchase that will help solve one of the biggest threats to wildlife we face today.

This is such a simple, feel good way to take action, that each and everyone of us can make a huge difference with this small step.


You have probably heard that Palm Oil is destroying the rain forest and the orangutans that live there. But you may not know that it’s not just Indonesia forests and it’s wildlife that suffer from the destruction of Palm Oil plantations.

Baby Orangutan orphan
Baby Orangutan orphan

Palm Oil is now alongside poaching as the biggest threats to the extinction of Africa’s iconic wildlife species.  From 1990 – 2007 Africa’s Ivory Coast lost 90%, yes 90%, of its wild chimpanzees because of deforestation due in large part to Palm Oil.


It is so serious that within the next 10 – 25 years there will be no wild chimpanzees, gorillas or bonobos (let alone orangutans) if the Palm Oil industry continues on its current forest cutting trajectory.


It’s not only the Great Apes that the loss of forest habitat effects.


Palm Oil companies cut down everything in their path to make way for the plantations. We loose an entire ecosystem and all the biodiversity of the area as well.


The shocking thing is that Palm oil is not a necessary ingredient for anything. It could easily be substituted with other kinds of oil.


The Good News is, as Jane Goodall always says, “Each of us can Make a Difference” to change the horrible Palm Oil destruction.




Consumers – you and me – have used our buying power to create fat-free and gluten-free foods. Now, we can do the same with ‘Palm oil-free’ foods while saving the great apes and the biodiversity of the forests they live in at the same time.


Here’s 1 simple thing to do Right Now:


Candy is among the many products that use liberal amounts of Palm Oil. And in America we are entering candy season. With your Halloween, Christmas (and Valentines) candy purchases you can make a huge difference by letting candy manufactures know we won’t tolerate the use of palm oil any longer. Speak with your purchases.


I have made it easy for you.


All you have to do is avoid buying candy that lists Palm or Palm Kernel oil as an ingredient, and Spread the word about this by sending this information out Now to all the teachers, mothers, fathers and friends you have before they make their holiday candy purchases.


To make it easy for you to help wildlife by purchasing candy without Palm Oil, I went to the sweets section and checked the ingredients of the different popular candies.

Here is what I found:



  Candy that does not list Palm Oil in its ingredients —OK to Buy

yes candy sm

 Also good are Pops, Jolly Ranchers and Werthers Caramels.



      Halloween Candy that Has Palm Oil —- Avoid these candies

Avoid these candies that all have palm oil
Avoid these candies that all have palm oil

 Other candies that contain Palm Kernel Oil are Kit Kat, Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, Milky Way and Baby Ruth Bars.  


By the way, Palm Kernel Oil is one of the worst types of oils for your health,  says health guru, Dr. Weil , “the oil must be extracted from the pit with a gasoline-like hydrocarbon solvent. In short, palm kernel oil is a cheap, unhealthy fat, and I recommend avoiding food products containing it…”.

You will be saving yourself as well as the planet by looking at labels and avoiding the toxic stuff.


When I was scoping out Palm Oil ingredients I found something that shocked me.


Are you a fan of ‘Kind’ Nut Bars. You know the ones that make you feel good about your purchase with the statement on each wrapper that says…”Do the Kind thing for your Body, your Taste Buds, and the Planet.

Kind bars 

Don’t Be Fooled.

Well, what do you imagine I found when looking at the Kind bar Yogurt flavor ingredient list?
Yep. Palm Kernel Oil!

 palm oil kind


If you really want to be Kind to the Planet, and help wildlife, turns out you need to avoid Kind Bars. Apparently their product and feel good packaging are bad for our bodies and the planet, and is just a marketing gimmick. (A SavingWild reader of this post contacted Kind 3 years ago when I originally posted about Kind Bars and the company said they were working to remove it. Three years later, guess what? Palm Oil is STILL in many of their bars.)


Please take the easy action to help wildlife this Holiday Season to buy only Halloween Candy without palm oil.

And spread this post so that we as consumers can make a sweet difference for wildlife and the earth this holiday season.


My list of candies was short (and sweet) to give you quick options.

I hope you will add any brands or favorite Halloween candy you find with or without Palm Oil to our comments below so we can all continue to be informed.







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23 Replies to “Halloween Candy – the Good and the Bad”

  1. I’ve been avoiding palm kernel oil for years now…it’s nasty stuff. But I didn’t know it
    was stealing the ecosystem of the great apes and more. I will send this out or post to my Facebook. Thanks for your wonderful site, Lori!

  2. I loved your blog and I had no idea some of those candies had palm oil! This is a real eye opener! Many thanks!!!!

  3. Thanks everyone. We really need to spread the word fast on this one because it is such an easy solution and unbelievably the number one threat to Africa’s biodiversity yet hardly anyone in the US is talking about it or even really aware of it. Let’s change that!

  4. I know – you rarely hear about it in respect to animals. Only in respect to heart health. This is such an important issue to raise! I loved your point about how we now have tons of gluten free choices. We can make this happen!

  5. It’s in other items too. I went to by a bar of soap and for some reason read the label. Palm Oil. Put it back on the shelf.

  6. Great tips for beginners Lori, I will spread this like wildfire in hopes to reach as many consumers as I can 🙂

  7. Yes Angie, it is in lots and lots of products. Mostly the cheaper less quality items. Thanks for letting us know about soap. UGH. I only tackled the candy side today cause of Halloween and its such an immediate easy way to make a difference now. I will be talking more about this issue in future posts. The Palm Oil issue cant be ignored!
    Thank you everyone SOOOO much for sharing and Liking. It is working. So far 56 FB likes which means lots of people are getting the message. Keep up the great work. I like to share the same thing on FB and Twitter a couple of times just to make sure it is seen. You can do it again tomorrow for instance. Keep it going. You all are the BEST>

  8. Lots of people don’t know about this. I am here to educate and hopefully inspire each of us to help make a difference. 🙂 More to come on this issue in future blogs. Thanks for commenting. I agree, about awareness is doorway to change. And we need to walk thru the doorway.

  9. Here is something I just sent to KIND and I encourage you to do the same…we have to start somewhere. Great article btw!

    How can you call yourselves KIND if you are using PALM KERNEL OIL in some of your bars??? Do you know how bad Palm OIl is for our health not to mention how aweful the Palm OIl industry is? Did you know that from 1990 – 2007 Africa’s Ivory Coast lost 90%, yes 90%, of its wild chimpanzees because of deforestation due in large part to Palm Oil. So again…how can you call yourselves KIND if you are using products that are not kind at all? Please consider removing Palm Oil from ALL of your products.

    Kind Thanks,


  10. Veronique,
    You are a STAR. Please keep us all posted on their comments. I was, like I said, in shock that they of all manufacturers use Palm oil. We might as well eat M&M’s rather than Kind Bars. Better all the way around.
    Thanks for sharing the action you took.

  11. Here is the reply I received from KIND in regards to my email, let me know your thoughts:

    Dear Veronique,

    Thank you for your interest in KIND, and for providing with your valuable input concerning palm kernel oil. It’s always important to hear from our customers, and we appreciate the time you’ve taken to write to us.
    At KIND, we also share your concern about environmental practices and are very pleased to inform you that our palm kernel oil provider is in the process of becoming a sustainably certified member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), and should be complete within the next 3 months.
    We use palm kernel oil in the bars containing chocolate or yogurt, because it keeps those coatings from melting during transport and is a healthier alternative to hydrogenated oils that contain higher levels of saturated fat. It is also non-GMO.
    Thank you again for your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns, and we would be very happy to assist you.

    KIND regards,

    Kainaz Bhanja

    Customer Experience Representative

    1-855-884-KIND (5463)

  12. They have obviously heard this complaint before. WHy did they use Palm Oil in the first place, Before their source company is going sustainable? If they are so KIND they should not be using it and then making an excuse that they are going sustainable. My sources tell me there is no such thing as real sustainable palm oil anyway.This is just a new certification that allows companies to tell their customers that it is fine to use the stuff. And as for their need to use it for their chocolate and yogurt flavors, I don’t buy it, because plenty of other manufactures make chocolate and Yogurt flavored things without Palm Oil. And according to Health Guru Dr. Weil the kernel oil is extracted with gasoline. He tells people to stay away from it at all costs. She sounds like a well versed PR person.

  13. I had no idea.. from now and I’ll be checking all of my candy labels, and spread the word as much as I can. And that second bag of candy I was going to get for trick-or-treaters today will not have any palm oil in it!

    Great blog, Lori.

  14. Lori, Great article. I am glad you did this piece on Palm Oil and its extremely destructive force in nature. Indonesia is slashing and burning its forests as fast as it can, I believe Malaysia similarly so.. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed and wildlife decimated. Orangutangs that are not being shot, butchered or burnt in the massive fires are starving and making their way into villages in search of food. The lucky ones are being rescued, the unlucky ones are being beaten to death. Without forgetting all the other wildlife species that are being destroyed by the Industry – The already highly endangered Tiger, Elephant Rhino and so on… This is the world that exists now, this very day!

    “Indonesia and Malaysia are the most important oil palm cultivation countries. The rapidly growing demand leads to increasingly more new palm oil plantations, and thus to new deforestation of rain forests, because the plant can thrive only in tropical areas. A rain forest area which is twice as big as Germany was cleared for palm oil plantations alone in Indonesia since the 1950s. First the tropical wood was sold at good prices, and then the profit of the palm oil filled registers.”

    Palm Oil originated from Africa and now it is returning to Africa in a very big way. “SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SGSOC), a subsidiary of Herakles Farms, a US-based agricultural company.

    In 2009 SGSOC signed an agreement with the Cameroonian government to develop an industrial palm oil plantation and refinery. A year later forest clearing began on part of the 73,086-hectare site acquired on a 99-year land-lease deal.” In March 2013 due to pressure from local villagers and conservation groups the project was suspended. However I am not sure what is happening this very day. Herakles Farms is just but one company out there and I believe they are still red hot keen on Palm Oil production.

    We didn’t need Palm Oil in our foods when I was growing up, we sure as hell don’t need it now. Its existence is the death and destruction of the wild world and added to that it is unhealthy for us. There are Certified Palm Oil producers whom are apparently operating with concern to the environment. But that doesn’t sit with me. Pail Oil comes from Palm Plantations, Palm plantations must grow somewhere. They are either established on current agricultural lands or on land reclaimed from forests. Removing agricultural land from general food production isn’t feeding the starving world or being caring for the environment. Legally destroying a forest to grow Palm Oil is no different to illegally felling the forest – the wildlife habitat and wildlife within are destroyed and gone.

    Palm Oil is purely about profit and profit only. It is a cheap oil to substitute oils that were traditionally used in foods. One thing to note, is that palm oil is not just used in foods. It is also used in cosmetics, cleaning agents and more. There is a very good Facebook page – PALM OIL – Products on Australian shelves that contain Palm Oil. They list Palm Oil based products and those that are free of it, with readers submitting their finds as well as much information on the Palm Oil industry, its devastating affect and those who are trying to stop it. I believe there is now a US sister page? This is a very interesting website – [linked to the Aussie FB page] There is much useful information and also a shocking story of an Orangutang saved, after being shot with an air rifle over 60 times.

    Palm Oil Production and Poaching are the 2 major evils out there and both devastatingly destructive and you are so very right in stating that it is something we can impact on from our homes and every day life. We can stop buying products with it. No profits, no production… One problem with reading ingredient labeling is that Palm Oil is often listed under many differing names and derivatives –
    Cetyl Palmitate
    Elaeis Guineensis
    Epoxidized Palm Oil (UV cured coatings)
    Ethylhexyl Palmitate
    rated Palm Glycerides
    Octyl Palmitate
    Palm Oil
    Palm Fruit Oil
    Palm Kernel
    Kernel Oil
    Palm Stearine
    Palmitic Acid
    Palmityl Alcohol
    Palmitoyl Oxostearamide
    oyl Tetrapeptide
    Saponified Elaeis Guineensis
    Sodium Kernelate
    Sodium Palm Kernelate
    Sodium Palmate

    As a rule of thumb, if it has the world Palm in it, then you know its a No no….. cheers, Cam.

  15. Let’s help add to the list of candies without palm oil:

    – Good ‘n Plenty

    Others? Help expand this list – thanks!!

  16. While I fully support avoiding products containing unsustainable palm oil, it should be noted that most organisations involved in addressing the impacts of palm oil do NOT endorse a blanket boycott of palm oil, for a number of reasons. Instead, we encourage consumers to demand deforestation-free Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in products which contain palm oil.

    Why Boycotting Palm Oil Is Not The Way To Save Orangutans:

  17. Thank you Michelle for your thoughtful and correct comment. Yes, I totally support this view to demand Sustainable Palm Oil. But there are questions as to what exactly is considered sustainable as well.
    This post was meant to be the first step and an easy answer for the upcoming decision many Americans willl face: what candy to buy. Thanks so very much for commenting.

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