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When I’m on safari in Africa I stand up on the seat of the open topped landrover, letting the dry winds tossle my hair and flip my hat almost inside out, breathing in the air and earth of the place of human’s ancestral beginnings.


East, west, north and south, against a limitless horizon, I watch herds of hundreds of thousands of zebra and wildebeest trek in lines across the plains, on their instinctual migration toward fresh grass.


I like to imagine myself barefoot on the land walking among the lions and elephants, as a tribal bushwoman in search of water and tuberous roots, or a young Maasai herder leading his family’s goats and cows to new grass. As them, I imagine my senses awake and alive as never before. Being able to smell the earthy musty notes of an animal long before I see it. Being able to know if it is a predator or prey. Perhaps a young male elephant in musth or a leopard hunting.


On safari I am as one with nature as I will ever be – I belong, like the animals roaming around me. I have no desires and need nothing more than all that is in front of me. I am completely content. Completely present.

lori robinson on safari in Africa

No matter the stress of my life back home – the over doing, over consuming, over intellectualizing – after a safari in Africa I’m back to my ‘one’, that centered quiet place inside each of us. That place that reminds me to notice, to be present, to connect; to breathe deeply and walk slowly.


No other place on earth touches me deep inside the way Africa does. No other experience leaves me with a deep feeling of love, stillness and spiritual knowing the way being on safari in Africa does.


And when I’m not in Africa, I seek out wild places and wild animals wherever I go to remind myself of who I truly am. One with Nature.


*Feature photo by Beverly Joubert.

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17 Replies to “On Safari in Africa: One With Nature”

  1. Lori, your writing is still exceptional, as I “stood on the seat of the open land rover” with you, “letting the dry wind tossle my hair, breathing in the air and earth, watching herds of hundreds of thousands of zebra and wildebeest trek in lines across the plains.” Thank you for making my day exceptional with that vision. I miss you and envy the dream you’re living. To have you lead my safari would be perfection. Will be reviewing your amazing book shortly. With love, Nancy

  2. Hi Connie, Yes I do take people on safaris and would love for you to join one of them. I sometimes advertise them here on this blog but mostly have a list of people are interested in going. Thanks for asking.

  3. That is incredible writing lori and, what I like most about it is
    that it is about you and it is deeply personal. I would love to
    read a book written by you along the lines of what I just read.

  4. How so very beautifully put!! I just got back from the Maasai Mara today and this is EXACTLY how I feel! Well, I’ve felt the same way all my life, but never quite been able to articulate it so well. 🙂

  5. I I just came back from my first trip to Tanzania, a trip that I desired since I was 7 or 8 years old, now I’m 50.
    In this text you have condensed all the feelings and thoughts that I have now in my return home.
    One piece of my soul is still in Africa.
    I hope someday could return to that marvelous land

  6. Your story is so exceptional and true vey interesting story to read and educative

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