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I’ve been in Africa many times on my birthday and this year my present to myself is staying here in Nairobi at the Giraffe Manor. It’s one of my favorite boutique hotels in the world because visitors can get quite intimate with the six endangered Rothchild giraffes roaming the Manor’s grounds. 

Lori Robinson kisses giraffe
I come here for this reason alone.

Where else in the world would I be able to kiss a giraffe?

I know the experience is not for everyone because for one thing, giraffes have the longest tongue of any land mammal. A full 18 inches in length. They also have the longest tail of any land mammal (8 feet), and are the tallest mammals on earth but that is besides the point of whether or not you would kiss a giraffe.

 Lets get back to the giraffes tongue…

Besides being long, their grayish black tongues have a leathery resilient texture, with a thick protective slime made for stripping the leaves off thorny acacia bushes while avoiding the thorns. So, the answer is yes, it feels very slimy when you are kissing a giraffe.



nairobis giraffe manor











Like most five star hotels, the Giraffe Manor leaves chocolates on your bed during turndown. But they also place grain pellets along the windowsills of the 2nd story bedrooms, enticing the long necked visitors to act as your morning wake up call. Being woken by a giraffe is an unbeatable experience. 

Giraffe at Giraffe Manor with Lori Robinson
Look who came for breakfast.

But the best animal experience of all is feeding Twiga (swahili for giraffe) 

The giraffes at the Manor are not picky about how their food pellets are delivered. You can place your offering onto their tongue which they curl into a perfect pellet receiving tube, or you can throw the pellets on the ground, or, my favorite, hold the pellet between your lips, inviting a giraffe kiss.


Would you do it?

Would you kiss a giraffe?

Let me know in the comments below.


More than Giraffes at the Giraffe Manor 

Although the giraffes are the star attraction at the Giraffe Manor, the resident warthogs are almost as lovable. They quarrel over pellets twigas have missed on the ground. I have not kissed a warthog-yet-but have petted one. It feels a little like petting a steel brillo pad. But they are very cute. 


The Giraffe Center is an alternative to the Manor

The Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s most expensive choices for accommodation. If you don’t stay at the Manor, you can still see the Rothchild giraffe (and kiss and feed them) by going to the Giraffe Center, adjacent to the Manor.


 Giraffe Manor
Africa offers some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet and being able to be this close to giraffe at the Giraffe Manor, and of course kiss them, is just one of my top fun experiences that I wanted to share with you.



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28 Replies to “Kissing Giraffe at Giraffe Manor”

  1. I knew it … I knew it …. I had a feeling you were leaning this way Lori 🙂
    they are awfully cute… and what a tongue! they can slurp from one branch to another without moving

  2. Haw Haw Gary. I could not help myself. I will kiss almost any willing wild animal that will let me get that close.

  3. Lori
    My family visited a wild animal park in Arizona in March. They have one giraffe who loves its biscuits. The guide told us we could feed it with a biscuit in our mouths. That’s all I needed to put a biscuit between my lips and let this gorgeous animal nibble it out of there. We did this several times. I’ll never forget it. My family had other feelings about what their mother was doing. Those beautiful eyes and long eyelashes just melt me into a big puddle!! I knew I would never get to do this again as I’m getting just too old now to go on an African safari like I’ve always wanted to do.

  4. Oh how wonderful that you got to have the experience. I agree with you that the eyes the size of saucers, and those eyelashes… just melt me too. How lucky we are. Nice to hear from you Lois. What park in Arizona has this experience?

  5. I heave followed Giraffe Manor over the years. It sure is a fascinating place. Lori you have convinced me I need to to visit 😉

  6. Hi Cam,
    I’m glad I convinced you because it is a wonderful experience. When you go to Kenya I am happy to give you other ideas for places to visit. Africa is my second home. 🙂

  7. I’d do it in a minute! Lori, I adore your animal stories and pictures. Was your room on the 2nd floor at the Manor? I’m so jealous! The only creature I ever had was an octopus named Sam. And how are your moose and foxes? So enjoyed talking the other evening. Call anytime. LOL

  8. Hi Nancy, yes my room was on the 2nd story. Most of the rooms are. The moose and fox are great. Had a moose in my yard last week. Posted it on FB. Thanks for commenting.

  9. I just returned to the US after spending 4 weeks in Africa volunteering in animal sanctuaries in Malawi and the Lake Naivasha area of Kenya. Made a point to go to giraffe center when I returned to Nairobi to catch my plane. I have always wanted to go there. It was especially important to me because I helped care for an 11 month old giraffe at the reserve in Kenya, bottle feeding him twice a day. He is a sweet, lovable, goofy little boy named “Lanky” who I will always remember. His giraffe kisses were a highlight of each day. The additional giraffe kisses I received at the center just added to my Kenya experience. Can’t wait to get back to Kenya next year.

  10. Oh how wonderful Anne. Sounds like you had some amazing animal experiences. Thanks for sharing them here.

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  12. It’s truly a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful tidbit with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Tears are streaming down my face right now! I took my daughter; then sixteen……(she is now 44!!) on an Abercrombie and Kent photo safari to Kenya. We stopped (not on their agenda…..but on mine) at the Giraffe Manor….I fed the giraffes from my mouth! I have a dozen pictures! I called my husband in California (18 hours difference???) to tell him I
    would never wash my face again!” “Daisy” (the original rescued Rothschild giraffe….is the one I met……and thank the Lord for those people….and thank the Lord the Giraffe Manor still exists and is still protecting that wonderful breed of giraffe! (there isn’t a bad one)!!!

    This brought tears to my eyes….I am praying it is still there….and still successful! Think of it! 28 years ago! YIKES!!!!

  14. Yes the place is still there. I add it to my clients agendas all the time. So glad the story brought back what sound like wonderful memories for you and your daughter. Thanks for commenting Penny.

  15. Thinking of you on your Bday, and so glad to hear you are getting some lovely giraffe kisses!! You are the only person I know who has gone this far with another species! Love, Linda

  16. I visited Giraffe Manor in 2014 and was captivated by the experience. I had difficulty leaving because the experience was so magical. Nature always gives us the best gifts. Enjoy your birthday present.

  17. Isn’t that funny I too am going to Giraffe Manor this year to celebrate another year of getting older …will definitely kiss twiggy!

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