africa in the bush with Lori Robinson

As you read this I am probably in flight somewhere between the United States and East Africa. I’m heading back to Kenya and Tanzania, the two countries in Africa (out of the eleven I’ve visited) where I have spent the most time.

While I’m there I will be mostly out in the bush, out of communication, but I will post some of my experiences along the way when I have access to internet. So if you want to follow me on my Africa adventure be sure to check in here at every week or so to look for new posts because I may not be able to email them to you.

This video was filmed at one of the last places I will be staying on this trip, part of my birthday present to myself this year, and it will give you a realistic glimpse into what my world will be like for the next three weeks (or what your world could be like if you join me on a safari in the future).

Note -This is the fanciest of the places I will stay (like I said it is a birthday treat to myself) but the wildlife, scenery and ‘feel’ of the place is typical of my safaris. 




As you can see, the amenities here are spectacular, and…excessive – I don’t even have a bathtub in my house. But it’s their conservation ethic – they built the first elephant underpass to facilitate migration, they turned a cattle ranch into a model of conservation, and they created one of the first rhino sanctuaries- that is the draw for me. I will write more about all of this for you in future posts.  

After watching the video do you now understand why, since my first visit to Africa over thirty years ago, I keep going back?

In the comments below give me a one-four word reaction to the video. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Also looking forward to you joining me on a future safari.



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26 Replies to “Picture Yourself on Safari [video]”

  1. Humbled, grateful, peaceful, marvelous.

    Three years ago when I learned of you Lori I embarked on a safari to Kenya/Tanzania. I suspect we will meet in the future and perhaps it will be in travel to Africa.

  2. Great video by Jimmy Greenwood – who is he ?

    Love the music too. Haven’t heard of Cinematic Orchestra either.

    Sandy Marshall

  3. I’ve been to Africa a few times, and my favorite thing to do is to sit around the campfire at night, and hear the sounds of the wildlife, but the lion’s roar stands out the most!

  4. I am with you on that. This trip I heard lions almost every night, and had a buffalo munching right outside my canvas. Thanks for commenting Joan.

  5. I love all the expressions everyone wrote. So creative and fun. Thanks for responding! Love to hear from all of you. Love, Lori

  6. I fell in love in Africa the first I went to Meru National Park. I kept going back too any chance I get. Great to see that you had a great safari. I also had a great time in Masai Mara this February.

  7. How wonderful Grace. I know you are doing great work there with IFAW and am so happy to feature you in my newest book, available on Amazon as of last week. Thanks for commenting.

  8. I have to totally agree about the lions roar. It is so deep and otherworldly. We are lucky to have experienced it in our life time. Lions may not be roaring in the wild by the time the next generation is in their 20’s. Sad by true. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Hi Sandy, I don’t know the answer to your question. Sorry. I just thought the video did a great job of giving the feel of being on safari for those who have never been. Thanks for watching.

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