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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the bad news about wildlife? Do you wish you knew how you could really make a difference to help save wildlife?


Well, here are my choices for the top ten best actions you can take to help save wildlife. 


The top 10, most effective ways to save wildlife:


  • Drastically Reduce Your Consumption of Meat

If you don’t understand how raising livestock for meat consumption effects wildlife and wild places, educate yourself here.


  • Travel to Places that Honor Their Wildlife

When you make travel plans, choose places that are protecting their wildlife and wild places. Boycotting countries that allow trophy hunting (like Zimbabwe), and those that don’t have strict regulations in place to protect wildlife (like China) sends a clear message to those countries that you don’t support them. 


  • Ban Wildlife Attractions

Animals were not put on this earth to entertain us. Educate yourself about the animal entertainment industries with the worst abuse towards animals and ban them forever.


  • Take Your Children into Nature

The proof is there. Taking kids into nature encourages them to appreciate wildlife and wild places. Read Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods for all the research that nature changes depression, obesity, attention deficit disorder. The list is long. 


  • Don’t Ever Stop Caring and Trying to Change Things

It may not seem like it but progress is being made for saving wildlife all over the world. It may be painfully slow progress but that is precisely why you must never quit doing your part to help. Stay inspired with the wonderful words from these amazing 50 conservationists. 


  • Say Goodbye to Scarcity Mode

Adopt a this is enough’ attitude. Most of you reading this post have more than enough of whatever you need. Yet it is easy to get caught in thinking of things we want rather than telling ourselves whatever we have is enough. Remind yourself that wherever you are at in life, whatever you have in life, is enough. 


  • Support Your Cause

Conservation NGOs receive the least amount of donations compared to and other organizations. Find organizations focused on issues you care deeply about. Get to know them. Form a relationship with them so they know you as well. And then consistently give your time and/or money. Look through my top trustworthy NGO list for ideas. 


  • Stand for Something you Care About

Once you know what you are passionate about, take your passion to it’s limit: talk about it, help the cause, share, sign and promote the cause. Tell the world about it. Believe it or not sharing your passion with others is one of the best ways to help change the world. 


  • Take Action Every Day

Each and every day we are all given opportunities and choices to take regarding things that will benefit wildlife and wild places, or will harm them further. It’s up to you to choose an action that will harm or benefit.


  • Shop for Wildlife

 One easy way to help wildlife is to use’s link every time you shop on Amazon.

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It costs you nothing, is completely confidential, and easy.  Paste our Amazon link onto your desktop to use every time you shop.  A small percent of every purchase will be donated to save wildlife around the world. 



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7 Replies to “10 Best Actions You Can Take to Save Wildlife”

  1. Yes but disagree about boycotting countries such as Zimbabwe. Friends there say it is very worst thing we can do. A need to continue to demonstrate value of ecotourism. Would say go, and be vocal about your objections to their policies while there.

  2. Yes thanks for bringing this very tricky issue up. We want to put pressure on but also want to support the people who need it most.
    I agree with you completely.

  3. Say goodbye to scarcity mode. I agree with you, because many people nowadays expect and beg too much even if they have enough. Yes, some of us already have more than what we need but it is so hard for us not to want more that sometimes leads to abusing nature. We all really need to take a look about these issues we are facing now. Because life is not about focusing on what we want, it is also about what others need.

  4. The whole of the world economy is based on persuading people that what they want is what they must have. When they have what they wanted, then there is always another “must have” item to buy.
    When taking part in ecotourism, it is vital to be informed as to the nature of the activities and how they genuinely impact on the ecosystem.
    Some may favour elephant rides to watch wildlife. Most people will be unaware of the cruelty involved in breaking the elephants spirit so that it will obey the mahout

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