You are Gandhi. All of us are. We have loving, caring hearts and a mind that can make decisions for the good of all. That combination is powerful.

We wake up each day with a new opportunity. We get to decide whether we are going to act from our heart today. Whether we will channel our inner Gandhi.

Why do I get so much pleasure from the little acts of picking up a piece of trash while walking my dog, rinsing out a plastic baggie so I can reuse it, or writing a post to share with all of you?

Because it makes me feel like I am doing something good for the world. It makes me feel that I can, as Gandhi says, “be the change [I] want to see happen.”

Here are my suggestions for easy Everyday Gandhi acts that each of us can do. These are ones that I do.

I know you have your own ideas, so tell us about them by commenting below and let’s help each other bring out the Gandhi in each of us, everyday.



  1. Pick up one (at least) piece of trash each day. I walk a lot and can’t remember ever not seeing litter on a walk. It doesn’t matter if I am deep in the woods or on a stroll with my dog through the neighborhood, there is always litter. It’s easy to go into my head and be mad about the carelessness of people. Or I can channel my inner Gandhi, seizing an opportunity to feel good. The litter gives me the chance to pick it up and discard of it properly, and in so doing, making me feel good about taking care of the earth and it’s wild creatures.
  2. Give animals a brake. I saw the most horrific video (I could not post it here because you would cry). It showed a truck driver plow through a herd of sheep that were calming crossing a street. The driver of the truck pressed on his horn but did not slow down, and a camera from a stopped vehicle caught the bloodshed on tape. After the truck was out of sight the camera scanned the area as the animals called to each other in mutilated confusion and pain. I remind yourself to drive slowly on roads where there may be wildlife, and especially at night. An animal who is only trying to cross a road to the other side doesn’t deserve to be killed for it. If Gandhi drove a car you know he would of driven slowly.
  1. Skip the plastic. I carry foil or a container to restaurants for leftovers, and to grocery stores for my to-go items. I skip the plastic bag for produce, reuse ones I have, and often put more than one item in a bag.
  1. Walk more. I always ask myself – do I have to use my car for this? Walk, ride a bike, use ride shares, – there are so many options other than always using our cars. I bunch my errands together so I spend less time in my car, polluting less and saving on the cost of gas. For my next car I plan to get an Electric Leaf.
  1. Don’t think it’s not your problem. It is your problem. A sick earth is all of our problem. This is a wonderful Gandhi like mindset. Try it. It’s a powerful motivator and allows you to accomplish Gandhi like acts for the world. And we all know the world needs more of that.

    6. The One Gandhi like act that Trumps all others for Saving wildlife and wild   places.


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