Now this looks like a fun Africa book. Having only just been published in June, I doubt you’ve read 101 Kruger Tales  yet.

I haven’t.

That’s why I’ve decided rather than keep you waiting for my review, I’m going to share what Roxanne Reid, author and sister Africa blogger, had to say about 101 Kruger Tales. Based on Roxanne’s review, I’m recommending it.

But don’t take my word for it.

Read what Roxanne Reid says about 101 Kruger Tales, and then decide for yourself if it’s worth reading.



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Here is a snippet from Roxanne’s funny, thorough review (to read her complete review, go to Roxanne Reid’s blog):

“A woman takes a dip in a croc-infested dam. An angry elephant flips a car on to its roof. A man drives hundreds of kilometres with a venomous snake at his feet. A family gets caught in rising floodwaters. A lioness opens a car door with her teeth. These are just five of the amazing stories you can read about in 101 Kruger Tales.

If you think such things can’t happen to you, think again. None of these encounters have been told by guides or rangers with privileged backstage access to [South Africa’s popular] Kruger National Park. Each is a true tale of something that happened to an ordinary visitor just like you or me.

101 Kruger Tales: Extraordinary Stories from Ordinary Visitors to the Kruger National Park was compiled and edited by Jeff Gordon in a four-year labour of love that saw him sifting through nearly 650 submissions to choose the most gripping ones. About a quarter of the stories he eventually included he’d heard about from others. He made it his mission to track down the people who were there when the action went down and then to wheedle them into writing and submitting their stories.

Python inside car. Photo by John Baldwin
Python inside car. Photo by John Baldwin

Depending on what kind of person you are, you can read these true stories for their shock and awe, or you can remind yourself of two things: how privileged we are to be able to venture into the territory of wild animals in the Kruger National Park; and how seriously we need to take the responsibility which comes with that privilege,” says Roxanne.




If that sounds like a fun Africa Book to read, you can get it here. Also, for other good books, like Whatever You Do, Don’t Run,  check out the titles on Africa Inside’s Favorite Books Page.  I may be adding 101 Kruger Tales to the list. After you’ve read it, let me know what you think.


**Featured image of lion: copyright Theuns Hurter.

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  1. Me too. I want to go back even though I know it is one of the most crowded parks in Africa. But always good sightings of wildlife. Thanks for commenting Shara.

  2. I think is fantastic knowledge is power. I am on the road at this moment I read your article just know. I am on photo shoot climbed in the tree to get best shot brach broke me & my camera landed on the ground twisted my foot so I am in bed dr. orders.

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