This rhino and elephant post for Saving Wild will put a smile on your face. During the past year I have written plenty about the devastating effects the increasingly sophisticated poaching mafia is having on the rhino and elephant populations all across Africa.

In this post I share two short positive videos with you. Because all of us need reasons to hold on to hope. 

The first heartwarming clip is about a baby rhino. The second video is one of the first documentaries aimed at educating the people that need it the most – the Chinese – about elephant poaching. Let me know in the comments below what you think.









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3 Replies to “Happy Rhino and Elephant News”

  1. I watched the documentary and it is heart breaking. It is incredible how Africa has always been victim to poachers, whether it is ivory taken from the elephants, souvenirs from gorilla’s like their hands (used for decorative ashtrays!!!) or the manslaughter that has taken place to get hold of precious minerals and diamonds.

    One would hope that with the development of knowledge and all the people involved to highlight this atrocities, things would have gotten better for the animals and the people, and therefore it is even harder to learn that he situation, at least with the elephants, has in fact deteriorated.

    I can only imagine what it would be like to experience watching a herd of elephants like you did. Unfortunately I haven’t experienced this myself. It is for that reason that I would really like to be able to go on a safari in Kenya. It would be great to do this as a group, with you. Hopefully we could plan to make a trip like that next year so that we can benefit from your contacts and personal experiences with specific trips and get inspired of how we could maybe play a role in helping the wild animals.

  2. These are superb. Both brought tears of joy. What a coup to have a beautiful, popular Chinese actress in the efforts to save elephants from poaching.

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