“Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed; if we permit the last virgin forests to be turned into comic books and plastic cigarette cases; if we drive the few remaining members of the wild species into zoos or to extinction; if we pollute the last clear air and dirty the last clean streams and push our paved roads through the last of the silence . . .” 
Wallace Stegner


Don’t forget to add a resolution to help the earth and it’s wild creatures this coming year.

Here are some 8 ways you can make a difference:


1. Donate to your favorite Wildlife NGO

2. Pick up one piece of trash from the environment everyday.

3. Volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary, or Animal Shelter.

4. Make space for wild creatures in your garden.

5. Learn all you can about one species you know nothing about.

6. Sign Petitions and get involved with Saving Wildlife Issues.

7. Help the next generation care about wildlife and wild places.

8. Join the Tribe at Saving Wild and encourage others to also join.


What about you? What resolutions will you make to help Save Wildlife and Wild Places?