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Wildlife, Africa, Safari, Nature, Book reviews, Stories, Interviews, Simplicity. A blog from Lori Robinson:  fashion model, psychotherapist, writer, conservation optimist.

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2 Replies to “A Blog by Lori Robinson”

  1. I dream about kissing a Giraffe, but how do I get up there to do such a thing? I am afraid of heights!
    There is nothing like the eye of a Giraffe. oopps, yes there is,the eye of a horse! A deep, deep zen is in their eye. I bet it’s the same for the Giraffe.

  2. First of all, I cant believe you found a way to comment on this photo. You are very clever Lisa.
    The Giraffe bends down to kiss. I was not standing on anything but the ground. On Thursday on another blog, there is a whole story I wrote about how you too can kiss a giraffe. It will post on Facebook or I can send you the link on Thursday.

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