Daphne Sheldrick Memoir

An African Love Story (also called Love Life and Elephants)  is Kenyan born Daphne Sheldrick’s memoir about love for her country, animals, and men, including her soul mate and husband, that define and focus her life-long work of caring for orphaned baby elephants. See a list of all my favorite Africa books : Favorites: Africa Books

The book can be hard to find. You can purchase it by linking on the title in the text of this post.

Woven into the story is some history about Kenya’s Park system, as well as anti- poaching efforts led by Daphne’s late husband, David Sheldrick, in Tsavo.

Throughout Love Life and Elephants Daphne’s dedication to the hundreds of elephants, rhino, warthog, zebra, and antelope she raised over the years is admirable. For twelve months she drove every three hours, including through the night, to hand feed two baby elephants housed six miles away.


Everyday, visitors from across the world visit her Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage outside of Nairobi National Park where she has raised, and successfully returned to the wild, 200 orphaned elephants as well as several rhino.

I have been to the orphanage six times, but never get enough of touching the babies. Photo: Sarah Hoffman
I take all of my tours to the orphange. This time we were lucky ’cause Daphne was there and agreed to pose with one of my travelers.

For animal lovers worldwide, the stories of the unlikely friendships formed among Daphne’s menagerie will make this a ‘can’t put the book down’ read.

To Purchase from Amazon go here:  Love Life and Elephants.

signed copies can be bought at the orphanage in Nairobi


To see my list of favorite Africa books go here:  Favorites: Africa Books

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