Young gorillas are taking conservation matters into their own hands.

Our human efforts of trying to save African animals from snares, poachers, poisonous bait, habitat destruction… the list is long… most of the time seems like a battle we can not win.
But here’s a different story. 
In this tale, there is a victory for wildlife conservation, and it comes from the wildlife itself!

Take that Poachers. YEAH.

If anyone questions the intelligence of Gorillas, think again
Two young mountain gorillas, in a group followed by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda, have learned to deactivate snares that would otherwise kill them.

This news warms my heart.

In the past, adult gorillas have been observed dismantling snares but now it seems the skills are being learned by the younger generation.

The ramifications of this are HUGE. Just think about it.

Young gorillas destroying snare. Photo from Diane Fossey fund


Snares set by poachers are one of the worst threats to the safety of the mountain gorillas.

It is not uncommon for poacher’s snares to kill gorillas. The gorillas die of complications from  gangrene from rope cuts, and dislocated shoulders when they try to escape the snares hold on them.

The Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (MGVP), makes every effort to save these snare caught apes, but too often it is too late.

Gorillas Helping Save Themselves

If the gorillas associate the snares with being bad, and they begin to dismantle every snare they come across, it will be one less thing the gorillas and their human helpers have to worry about.

“Our battle to detect and destroy snares from the park is far from over… however… we can proudly confirm that gorillas are doing their part too!” said Felix Ndagijimana, director of the Karisoke Center.


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