Cheetah, wild-cat, and serval, all found in Africa, purr.

I love cats, and a cat’s purr makes me feel calm and happy. Like a sound tonic for the soul. 

Lions roar, and leopards saw, but neither purr.

Whether a cat purrs or not has to do with the structure surrounding their voice box. My cat, Busty purrs loud and often.

leopards don’t purr












Good Vibrations

When I’m not feeling well, Busty lays on my chest, purring.

I’m not sure if it’s purposeful on her part, but it sure feels good.

The purring sound is calming and provides a generally therapeutic vibration for both the purring cat and anyone listening.

What’s amazing is the 25 Hz frequency of the cats purr is the same frequency used in physical therapies to help human’s wounds heal faster.










The other day after an extra strenuous thirteen-mile hikemy dog Zia laid on the floor exhausted and shaky. Watching Zia’s muscles twitch, my friend noticed my concern and said, “she’s probably dehydrated and overly exhausted. “

That’s when my cat, who has never before lay near Zia, tucked herself against Zia’s belly

and stayed there purring for almost twenty-five minutes.

By the time Busty finished, Zia was no longer twitching.

her work complete she stayed close and kept a watchful eye in case her services were needed again











Like a dogs nose for cancer, can cats sense when someone is in need of their purring vibrations?

Even Raccoons purr 

A few relatives of the wild cats – civets, genets, mongooses – also purr.

Even hyenas, guinea pigs, and raccoons can purr.

The cats purr I would most like to hear is a wild cheetah.











I would also love to hear a raccoon purr.

What about you, which cat (or other animal) would you most like to hear purr?

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Featured photo: Gene Tremblay






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5 Replies to “Which African Cats Purr?”

  1. I love the picture of Busty the cat (Is “Busty the cat” her name?) and Zia. I believe that animals are very intuitive and her actions seem to support that. After my own cat’s purr, I’d like to hear a leopard. But, I’m not sure about how comfortable I’d be laying my head on its chest to get the full effect…

  2. Hi Steve, Nice to hear from you. Busty IS her name. Long story. Leopards don’t purr so you are out of luck on that one. Any other purr requests for the universe?

  3. Leopards don’t purr? Bummer! With further reflection, yes I have some other purr requests but I think I’ll keep them private for now…

    Yes I know her name is Busty, but when you write her name it’s always “Busty the cat” never just “Busty”. So does her name consist of all three words? Like “Artist formerly known as Prince”?

  4. Busty- not like Prince – although she IS a Princess and could easily live up to the name ‘Busty the Cat’. So maybe I will make it official as of this posting. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful story about Busty the Healer!
    I would like to hear Zia purr when Busty needs it.

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